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M3 Is Officially Out!

August 1, 2014 – 12:02 pm

If you caught the notification today, M3 has been published and our website is now LIVE! You can now visit www.maritimemega.com and browse our information...


Moncton’s Race For Cache – 2014

July 8, 2014 – 10:52 am

Time for a shameless plug of my own event… I skipped last year because of the mega but this year we are back in business...


Cacher’s Corner – Episode 31

June 12, 2014 – 9:01 pm

We're late but we are back. This month we do a wrap up episode and give you a review of all things going on...


Seeking Volunteers To Assist With New Geocoin Program

June 7, 2014 – 5:15 pm

Sentier NB Trail is celebrating 20 years of service this year. As part of this celebration, they are partnering with Cache Up NB to...


Cacher’s Corner – Episode 30

April 6, 2014 – 8:11 pm

We're late but here's another podcast for everyone to enjoy. We talk events, including the announced mega, our secret project, and all about the...

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Releasing Them To The Wild

Coins & Trackables, Commentary

With all of the geocoin challenge programs going on in the last year, I’ve started to build a small collection of geocoins. In fact, over the course of all the time I have been caching, I’ve managed to end up with quite a few. There …

Interesting caching meeting and other stuff.

Pa's Caching Tales

1. Historical meeting?
Title makes no sense but I wanted your attention. Yesterday we were at a reservoir in Saint John getting the Saint John NB trail cache. On the way back to our vehicle we walked by two people. One was an elderly lady who …

Cache On!

Anecdotes, Caches

Being the nostalgic person I am I often read back over my past logs and caches as a way to take a short trip down memory lane. Like a photo album only with words, the logs paint a picture of, not only the find, but …

Geocaching Coming to Kouchibouguac National Park

Coins & Trackables, Geocaching Events, Group Activities, Hiking

Cache Up NB is proud to announce that we have partnered with Kouchibouguac National Park to launch their first ever geocaching program.
Spearheaded by our own TheNinjaJedi, Cache Up NB has been working hard with NB’s second national park to launch a geocoin/geocaching challenge program for their …

Caching Stuff August 2, 2014

News, Pa's Caching Tales

1) MEGA M3

Last night I went to the kickoff to M3 at DQ in Riverview. There was a big crowd and everyone was excited.
We were provided with all kinds of details about the event and then a celebration Ice cream Cake was brought out.

Some …

M3 Is Officially Out!

Featured, Geocaching Events, Megas, Moncton

If you caught the notification today, M3 has been published and our website is now LIVE!
You can now visit www.maritimemega.com and browse our information pages, and pre-register for the event. The store is open for all of our pre-purchase items so go ahead and get …

The Walking Dead(Cache)

Principles & Techniques & Ethics

 As cachers we are all familiar with the term CITO. Four little letters that can mean so much. Cache In, Trash Out. But what about when an archived/missing cache becomes trash?
While walking in a popular area of the UNB Woodlot I happened upon just that. …

Pushing the Limits

Commentary, News

I recently returned to geocaching after a much needed year long break, for both mental and physical recovery. I must say getting back into the swing of things has been a blast but also an eye opener as to how rusty I am at the …

July 18 More caching stuff

News, Pa's Caching Tales

A) A beautiful coin is available for doing some caches in New Richmond in the Gaspe. We may go for it as it is not thaat far from Campbellton, and we have never been to Gaspe.
Here is a link to the coin

and there is …

NB Trails 20th Anniversary Geocaching Program

Caches, Cities, Coins & Trackables, Group Activities, Hiking, News

As many of you know, Sentier NB Trails and Cache Up NB partnered together to release a new geocoin challenge program here in New Brunswick. Yesterday, all of the caches were released and the program is now live.
These caches were hidden with help from Cableguy, …

Canada’s Longest Unfound Geocache Finally Found

Caches, Groundspeak, Hiking, History Lessons

Not long ago someone posted a link to the logs about a famous FTF here in Canada. It took more than 12 years for the FTF to be claimed rightfully and Groundspeak opted to do their own write-up on the subject. Take a read below …

Moncton’s Race For Cache – 2014

Featured, Geocaching Events, Group Activities, Moncton

Time for a shameless plug of my own event…
I skipped last year because of the mega but this year we are back in business for 2014.
If you’ve never heard of the race then perhaps it’s time for you to learn a bit more about it.
Moncton’s …

A bunch of caching stuff

Pa's Caching Tales

No specific topic. Just a bunch of caching stuff,
1)Sunday was a great caching day in Riverview. After the caching breakfast we headed to Riverview with cableguy to get the caches for the Sunfest event and coin. We finished early so we ended up hiking 7 …

The Average Lifespan of a Cacher

Commentary, News

This Boxing Day, it will mark my 7th year as an active geocacher. In that time span, I have seen a lot of changes to this hobby. In fact, I have seen changes in the way I interact with this hobby. In my early days, …

Geocaching Event Roundup

Geocaching Events

As with every summer, we start to see a bit of a decline on the events for geocaching. This is usually because more people are actually out caching than sitting around wishing they were caching.
With our calendar here down for maintenance, I figured I’d post …


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