About Cache Up NB

Cache Up NB is a former news, information, and community based website focused on geocaching within the province of New Brunswick. Our main goal now is to continue to promote and support geocaching events and activities within the province.

We promote geocaching through a collection of partnerships with local municipalities as well as national parks. Our partners include Fundy National Park, Kouchibouquac National Park, the city of Moncton, the town of Riverview, and others as well. We continue to develop partnerships with other regions as we grow.

Launched in March of 2010 by Zor (Matthew Klem), Cache Up NB was created to provide an online presence for geocachers within NB. CUNB provides a central repository for information, news, anecdotes, and stories all about geocaching in our region.

In May of 2014, we worked on the production of The Amazing Race Canada to showcase geocaching as part of a “detour” challenge. You can read about it here.

We are also the only website in the Atlantic Canadian region to be an official partner of Groundspeak, the owners of geocaching.com. We have partnered with them to be able to provide a wide variety of functionality to our website that integrates directly with geocaching.com.

Cache Up NB is also the official host to the third Maritime Mega event, M3.

Cache Up NB as a community consists of cachers from all over New Brunswick as well as other parts of Canada and the rest of the world.

The administration of the website and it’s partnerships are managed through a group of volunteers which organize the local events and other activities that Cache Up NB is involved with. These volunteers spend a lot of time working out the nuances of all our activities, and insure the highest quality possible. Without their help, this website, and all of it’s activities would not be possible.

We welcome all geocachers to our community and we hope you like what we have to offer.

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