Cache Up NB Launches “AirCaching”

In what many people will describe as the most revolutionary turn geocaching has taken, Cache Up NB is proud to announce that we are launching “AirCaching”.

AirCaching attempts to take the fun found in “air guitar” and move it to the world of geocaching. How often have you enjoyed yourself having a good round of “air guitar” while listening to some of your favorite tunes? Well now you can experience that same thrill and enjoyment but through geocaching.

AirCaching will consist of imaginary geocaches that can be placed anywhere in the world. Since they do not have a physical container, they will not be subject to the same saturation limit guidelines found on traditional caches. Instead, they can be placed anywhere.

Cache Up NB founder Matt Klem came up with the idea after an intense air guitar session to Slayer’s “Raining Blood”. “AirCaching is really going to change the landscape of geocaching. How often have you thought about placing a cache in a spot but couldn’t because another cache was too close, or you didn’t have a container? Now you can place an AirCache anywhere at anytime”, Klem said in a recent interview.

He also added, “AirCaches are also the easiest to maintain since there is no physical container to hide. Plus, since they are imaginary, they can be located anywhere. They can even move.”

AirCaching containers will come in several different sizes:

  • Teeny Weeny – These caches can only be found using an imaginary microscope
  • Small Enough – Typically these will be smaller than your hand, but not Teeny Weeny
  • Big Enough – Comparable to a regular sized cache
  • Totally Freaking Huge – Larger than an average suburban, bungalow home

Although Groundspeak will not be officially endorsing the AirCaches as finds, people will be able to log them by simply telling people they found an AirCache. This is very similar to the existing practice in geocaching where people log finds on caches they never found.

Hopefully everyone will embrace AirCaching and enjoy this new dimension to our beloved hobby.



I am Zor. The creator of protoculture. Otherwise known as a geeky father of two, husband to an awesome wife, and a hardcore geek.

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