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Has anyone ever read or does anyone currently subscribe to FTF Geocacher Magazine?

I am curious to see what is in it and if it is a good read. I don’t see what there can be to read in a paper magazine that isn’t available in dozens of places on the internet like this website, geocaching.com or Facebook groups. I would imagine that any current issues would be old news and any caches discussed could be archived or gone by press time. I do think it would be a good place to discuss people and places to cache but other than that everything else has been hashed over hundreds of times in forums and other sites. Talking about a cacher’s numbers or years of caching is irrelevant as the numbers are based on how much time a person has to commit to geocaching and longevity (once you have found a few hundred) does not make any difference for the most part either. I find it hard to come up with stuff to talk about in the podcast and on here at times but publishing a magazine seems difficult to come up with new stuff every two months.

I am not a hardcore geocacher that spends everyday online or out finding caches like some people and as much as I enjoy geocaching, a magazine seems a little much for me. I have no problem with it at all and I wish them well, it has been around for a while and I think it was out of print for a while but in today’s world of instant information, printed media seems to be “old fashioned” to me. This is just my opinion and I realize some people would love it.

How about you, what are your thoughts on it.


  • avatar HalfMoonCay says:

    Sitting here with a laptop typing this. Ipod with transmitting app to my tv to watch caching videos and caching podcasts on. Wife’s tablet is within arm’s reach as well. I had a subscription to The Hockey News for years and let it run out recently after realizing how hilariously outdated getting “the news” **mailed** to me is. Print is dead!

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  • Hi we get FTF Geocachers magazine I really like it it’s not your average mag it’s small avg 30 to 40 pages done on heavy stock paper it has a lot of tips, geocaching stories upcoming events and a section where you can send in a pic and your milestone and they’ll put it in the mag, most of the stories are sent in from geocachers I think the first volume can be downloaded for free at FTF Geocachers magazine its a PDF file

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