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Ice Walk Planning 2014 – Join Us!

With the annual Ice Walk near maybe it’s time to coordinate group walks to Shediac Island or Cocagne Island. Post a comment below to indicate which island you are planning to cache on. Also which side of each island, as most cachers only do half of the island that day. Standing on the mainland looking at either island we have a left side ( North ) and right side ( South ). If you are not doing either island that day but other cache series in the area also leave a comment.

I would suggest meeting at the Eighth Annual Ice Walk event center in Notre Centre Grande Digue ( GC4V1EV ) to meet up before heading out. This way we can keep everyone together and no one misses their group. The event opens at 8:30 am with cachers heading out shortly after. Also note the event runs till 6pm that evening. Check the event cache page for other info.


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