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I love to read about caching and to share stories. I read a lot of stuff at the GC forums and contribute once in a while and have even managed to stir up some S**T.

I am kinda surprised that there are not more articles and comments being posted here on CACHUPNB. It may have to do with the fact that contributors cannot edit their item once it has been posted. I think there have been situations in the past where someone has regretted their wording and has not been able to edit it. Perhaps that is not the reason, because very little is being posted in the ACGA forums, where there is the ability to edit.

Anyhow I thought I would post some stuff about caching that I have experienced or have read. If you have stories to add, Just add a comment. So here is my first contribution. It is a warning posted on GC by a BC cacher.

warning for geocachers

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    March 15, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Congrats to châtelaine for # 6000 during a caching adventure with a bunch of cachers after this morning’s caching breakfast.

    Some of you may recall the disagreement I had with a cacher in quebec when we emptied his TB Hotel. He had a rule about not taking more than one TB and we took 15. I had read in the forums that Groundspeak did not want there to be restrictions on travel bug movement but I wanted to know if there was anything in the guidelines. So I asked the question in the forum. Boy did that start a heated discussion. You may find it an interesting read


    Included is the email exchange we had with the QC cacher.

    Some of the things that happened as a result.

    *It turns out we were correct but there is nothing in the guidelines and rules
    *We got critized for taking all the TB’s
    *A reviewer in QC got involved and checked all the TB hotels and had the CO’s make changes to their caches. He also criticized us for taking all the TB’s
    *A cacher in NY liked the fact that we move lots of TB’s on our trips and mailed us some of his to drop off on our next trip.

    Alamogul has the most finds in the caching world and is approaching 100,000 finds



    2 TB’s disappear for 11 years in Indiana TB3D

    The story

    Years ago when my daughter was young, we were introduced to GC by a coworker of mine. It was something new for us both, and was something we could do together: get outside, get exercise and the fun of discovery! I was going through a difficult divorce and geo caching was a godsend for Ladybug and myself. Upon finding the TBs of Rollin’ Along and Old Bet, my daughter thought it was a prize that she had found and could keep! I tried to explain to her that the fun of geo caching is to log we found the TBs and then get them into a new cache and on with their adventures and travels: It fell on deaf ears and she kept her trophy finds sitting on her nightstand. Years have gone by and Ladybug is all grown up and I’ve gotten interested in GC again and wanted to get these TBs back into the game. I apologize to both owners for the long visit both TBs had with us, but they were much loved and well taken care of while in my home. Time has come to place the TBs back into circulation and we both wish them many happy finds and many happy miles! Please forgive us for needing Rollin’ Along and Old Bet for an extended visit. They are now back in the game!


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    March 16, 2014 at 11:31 am

    Ever hear of Drive-by caching events?

    Here is one in New Zealand


    An excerpt from the cache page

    You won’t even have to leave the car if you don’t want to…

    Just pull up at listed co-ordinates, say hello, grab the log, fill it out, hand it back, say goodbye, then take off to continue your day of caching…

    Or if you wish, bring some lunch and stop off for a bite to eat and have a chat with whoevers there when you call..


    I guess it is not much different from regular event where some show up to say hello at the last minute.



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    March 16, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    I did this at Misha’s breakfast yesterday, didn’t even get out of the truck, the groups was standing outside after just walking out early, it was only 10:15. I stopped and talked for a few minutes before they went out caching.

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      March 20, 2014 at 7:32 am

      Seen it done often enough. Seem to recall incepit do it, likely taking a break from work, and Misha sometimes shows up at last minute for Sunday breakfast.

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