The Evolution of Cache Up NB

Times are changing…

You’ve probably been directed to this page as a result of wondering what has happened to the old website, our news reel, and a lot of what used to be here. There’s a short version and a long version. Take your pick what you want to read.

The Short Version

It’s been a few years since Cache Up NB underwent an overhaul and the time was right for a change. We have tried to keep ourselves as current as possible with our stories and material, but as time passes on, you can only write about the same things so many times.

Cache Up NB as a website has seen its ups and downs and we have to move in the direction that people are going. Right now, that direction is one in which this website no longer serves the purpose it did at one time. As a result of this, we’re shifting our attention to the things we know people truly enjoy: our geocaching programs.

Moving forward, Cache Up NB will be focusing all of it’s attention on our regular events and any other new geocaching programs, contests, or other events we can be a part of. The “news” portion of our website has been discontinued but still lives on through the archive.

We thank everyone who has participated in our online community and are looking forward to seeing you at future events out there


The Long Version

I have written about a dozen versions of the long version of this but none of them really apply to where we are today. The reality is, Cache Up NB was formed to fill a void that existed with the loss of the original MGA website back in 2009. People within NB wanted a place they could go to to “hang out” online and communicate with fellow geocachers. Cache Up NB filled a need for locals to connect and sprung out of that into a community much larger than we ever expected. We originally just wanted to be a basic news and information site but grew into so much more than that. We filled a need that needed filled at a time when people wanted a place to go. In the course of our 6+ years of being active, we accomplished that goal in spades.

Now it seems that the geocaching community doesn’t really need us for that anymore. We are seeing far less regular visitors and interaction on our websites, but a lot more attendance and interest in our events. Fundy and KNP have become major successes and people continue to come out every year and enjoy those programs. The Riverview Sunfest and Winter Carnival programs have also been great successes. And last but certainly not least, we had an amazingly successful mega last year which drew an amazing amount of positive feedback to us. Throw in things like our time on The Amazing Race Canada, our contributions to the Come Out & Play contest and countless other geocoin and geocaching programs in the province, it’s been made perfectly clear that our programs and events are what people are the most interested in. This is the area we want to focus our attention on.

It can also be said that myself and Ken both have found ourselves being pulled in other directions and not able to contribute to the website as much as we have at one time. I have found myself having a much harder time finding new and interesting things to write about. The reality is that there is very little innovation going on in the world of geocaching these days so the ability to write articles about new and interesting aspects to geocaching was becoming increasingly difficult.

Official announcements about programs and activities that we are responsible for as well as things we are promoting or sponsoring will still be posted to our news reel, but mainly disseminated through social media and other avenues.


Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of our online community. The “scribbles” still remain open for those who want to continue to have some kind of “real-time” communication with others here. The old news reel is still available and can be accessed through the main menu, or the archives drop down list on the sidebar.

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